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Palm Leaf Plate Hexagonal - 24cm Pack of 100

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The 24 cm hexagonal (10") palm leaf plate is one of our most popular shapes because is very versatile. It has the perfect shape and size to accommodate almost any dish. All palm leaf plates are very sturdy and are suitable for all types of hot, cold or liquidy food. They can even go in the oven for 45 minutes at 180 degrees.

Being totally natural each of our palm leaf plates is unique in its print or pattern, which adds to their beauty and natural charm. Like all our other palm leaf products the round plates are meant for single use however you can gently wipe them and reuse them if you wish. Made of 100% naturally shed palm leaf in a chemical-free process.

After the final use, you can home compost them or feed them to a cow*.

*Please ask the cow or owner of the cow first.

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